Live is a public-private platform open to all those entities involved in sustainable mobility, mainly electric and CNG vehicles, with the shared goal of developing projects, policies, strategies, new business models and creating a knowledge network.

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LIVE is made up by both public and private entities. Live members can join the Platform according to two levels of participation: Managing Members and Cooperating Members Live is organised through working groups and cross-related and constant commissions.

The managing members are the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Serveis Municipals (B:SM), Seat, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen Group, Gas Natural Fenosa and ACS. The cooperating members are Urbaser, RACC, Endesa, Evectra, Avancar, Circutor.

Barcelona, together with Madrid and Seville, is on the cities chosen for the MOVELE project of the IDAE. The aim of this Plan is to introduce the electric vehicle inside urban environments and, to help it grow, offers a series of incentives for the purchase of electric and hybrid pluggable vehicles. Furthermore, the project also funds the creation of pilot network of recharging points. In this context, the collaboration agreement between Barcelona City Council and the IDAE was negotiated from the LIVE platform.

LIVE supports the implementation of demonstrator projects on sustainable mobility together with its associated and collaborating entities. These projects use Barcelona as a test bench to make the most of the knowledge gained from the data and experiences arising from them.

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The Live platform is open to give support and offer alliances between projects and companies related to sustainable mobility.

You can contact the LIVE technical team through the:

Area of Economic Promotion of the Barcelona City Council

Strategic Sectors

c/Llacuna, 162-164.

3a. Floor

08018 Barcelona

Tel: 93 401 97 77

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Punt Live is the space from which we offer information on the sustainable vehicles and sustainable mobility projects to the citizens of Barcelona and its surroundings and to the companies; and where the electric vehicle user card is processed.

This office is expected to be established in the MediaTIC building, in the 22@Barcelona district.

Barcelona and Catalonia benefit in many ways, for instance in the reduction of pollution and traffic noise. Also, it boosts the energetic management at a household level and the generation of renewable energies.

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Catalonia is deploying a wide network of charging points, both public and private.

You can find all the active points and those scheduled in the following map.

The recharging points for electric vehicles are marked with a label to be easily identified.

Thanks to Barcelona City Council, the ICAEN (Catalan Energy Agency) and the IDAE, several incentives are being implemented to promote sustainable mobility. These incentives can be of different nature: aids for the acquisition, discounts in the circulation tax, parking at a 0€ rate in Green Areas and Blue Areas, among others.

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The electric vehicle card is an ID for users of electric vehicles in the city of Barcelona. This card offers the possibility of recharging your car using the public network of recharging points on the public road at a €0 rate.

To recharge the vehicle in underground points in municipal public car parks, you do not need to use the card.

To apply for the electric vehicle card of Barcelona, the documents must be sent to the virtual branch of the Barcelona City Council. For any doubt or problem related to the card call 010* or the online helpline of the Barcelona City Council.

For example, the residents in Barcelona that have a 100% electric vehicle can park at a zero euros rate in the preferential green area (not exclusive) or blue area of the city according to the time regulations of each area and as long as the meet the requirements established to obtain the green area resident card.

Barcelona City Council has already started to promote the use of sustainable vehicles in the contracting of cleaning services, traffic lights maintenance, including a minimum of 30% of electric vehicles in the volume of the fleets.

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Currently, the market already offers sustainable vehicles of all kinds: bicycles, scooters, city cars, private cars, buses, etc. Also, the number vehicles and models available is expected to grow in the next two years, during which we expect different makers in the car market to launch new models.

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